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Feeding Tips
Published by Fishadmin on 08/01/2004 (11779 reads)
Advice on feeding your fish

While setting up your tank and choosing your fish you have hopefully learnt about your fish's nutrient requirements. Are your fish herbivores or meat eaters? Do they feed near the surface, in the middle of the tank or off the substrate? You will need food that sinks or floats depending on this.

It is important to vary the diet, use live food (if you're sure it's disease free) or freeze dried and frozen foods.

Over-feeding is the most common mistake that aquarists make - only give as much as the fish can eat in two minutes (stop if they lose interest). Don't allow uneaten food to remain in the tank, unless you have scavengers that consume this. For most species you should feed two or three times a day.

If you are planning a trip, blocks that slowly dissolve releasing food over time are available.
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