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Coldwater Fishkeeping - An Introduction
Published by Fishadmin on 21/01/2004 (22633 reads)
Coldwater refers to fish and other aquatic life which live naturally in temperate (between tropical and polar) regions of the world, and thrive at 50- 74°F. This means that in many countries, they can be kept in unheated aquaria.
The number of species of coldwater fish available to the aquarist is far more limited than with their tropical cousins, but this in no way means a less interesting or beautiful set-up. Coldwater fishkeeping has come a long way in the past few years, and (hopefully) we are beginning to see the end of the traditional "goldfish in a bowl".
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Totally agree

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need help in knowing what size tank I need to hold koi fry and what pump and filter to use I want to start with around 1000 fry.


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Sorry mike don't think anyone has seen your question on here, you would be better off putting it on the forum as you will get a better response there

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where the hells the rest of the article?

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hi my first post i recomend about 100 galon or split them in groups in 30 galons

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