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Category: Pond/Koi

Author: jasonliam07 (1:52 pm)

it is placed near a window at morning to afternoon some light falls on my aquarium through my widow glass becoz its cold season thats why.is it good or bad?
Category: Pond/Koi

Author: littleyellowfish (5:26 pm)
Well after lots of research we have decided to go ahead and start building our pond. Obviously we aren't planning to stock with fish until spring but we have decided to start the build now as with three kids under 6 it may take a while lol!

Pond is going to be 8ft x 12ft and plan is 2.5ft under the ground and another 2ft above ground bringing a total depth of 4.5ft

Started digging yesterday, well my other half did and i thought i'd post his progress as i'm impressed with him for saying the ground is mostly compacted clay after just half a foot down lol.

Category: Pond/Koi

Author: Dale369 (6:08 pm)
Just some more photos of the pond, as it was, and is today..

About 8:00 this morning:

And about 4 in the afternoon:

Got to wait a week for the mortar to set properly, then I will backfill and plonk my liner in. I've ordered a Hozelock Titan 3000, which will power the filtration. (Two filters will be used), and this will run alongside a Blagdon minipond 2000, which will be used to power the waterfall & features.
Category: Pond/Koi

Author: Dale369 (8:58 am)
Well, not much has happened with the pond really, the weather hasn't really been helping things. One minute it's raining and you can't get any work done, then the next minute and boiling and well... you still can't get any work done.

Here's a photo of the pond today...

Not much has changed, i'm getting a delivery this morning for the sand/ballast/blocks etc and then I can get cracking on the blockwork.

Progress seems slow at the minute, but as soon as those blocks get layed everything will start speeding up, i'll get the liner in setup all the pumps/filter/waterfall etc, get it filled up, run it for a bit and add the fish. I can't wait to see the finished product myself, make a big difference to looking out and seeing a mudhole, ..and mudhills!
Category: Pond/Koi

Author: Dale369 (8:32 am)
So far, i've had 3 ponds, getting bigger each time. I'll quickly take you through them..

1st pond: I'd always liked the idea of having a pond, so we decided to get a small rigid one. The construction was simple, we dug a hole and plonked it in, filled it with water and left it. It was more of a wildlife pond.

2nd pond: We thought we'd do a better job than the first one, and maybe something where we could keep a few fish. So we dug a square hole, put some liner in and filled it up. All in all it was about 1.5 - 2ft deep, and only very small really. We got a few small Koi, and this is where it all started.

3rd pond: The Koi in my previous pond got me into fishkeeping, I used to love watching them swim about etc so I began to read up about them and saw that they needed a big pond, so that's what I give them. A big L shaped pond, but the problem was - I didn't realise it had to be deep as well, and so I only dug it to 1ft. This was my first "proper" pond, a pond that would be filtered and well looked after with pumps running 24/7. I got some bigger Koi, about 8-12inch and then began getting really interested in fishkeeping. I did my homework and found out that Koi should really have around 1000 gallons minimum, and my pond was only about 300.

Heres a picture of it:

Its 6ft from left to right, and 9ft top to bottom, and of course 1ft deep.

So now knowing a lot more about Koi (or thinking I do anyway)..

I've decided to expand again.

This pond is more of a "modification" of my previous pond if anything else. I began digging the bottom section of the L deeper, and wider and filled the top of it in using some of the soil.

Heres some photos of the pond as it is now:

The hole :)

Nope, thats not me - my friend helping me out with the digging :)

Once its finished, this pond should be 9ft x 6ft x 3.5ft. Which equates to around 1200 gallons.

And, thats as far as we are now, so i'll keep you updated with my progress in the blog, and HOPEFULLY amaze you by the end result! :D
Category: Pond/Koi

Author: daspricey (8:31 pm)
this project on a pond has lasted so far, 1, 2, 3 and 4 years.

it started life as a small narrow long pond ( about 10ftx1ftx1ft ), like a canal.
we kept no live stock in it for about 6 months as we left it for tonnes or frogs, newts and a female great crested newt once. she was there all the time. but anyway, one of my friends gave me some plants, and couples of weeks later i spotted a fish. after weeks of hmming and arring, we were a 100% it was there and we identified it as a black carp. few months later we added 6 tiny goldfish. they got "lost" one by one never to be seen till it was just 3 left and we decided to extend it, so we caught the 3 goldies and black carp and as we were emptying it i spotted a lil fish, turned out it was a stickleback from my friends pond. when everything was settled in the new pond we added a few orfe, few more goldies, a gost carp and 2 11"(poss more) green tench, beautiful specimens. those tench were the last things added before we went on holiday. when we came back the fish had a mixture of white spot, fin rot and velvet. so tragic, only 3 fish survived which was one of the very original fish, whom i still have another new goldfish and one blue orfe.over time, the orfe and new goldies died, so only Billy left. so we decided to make it deeper but to cut the footprint, so we did and Billy came into my 30" tank.
eventually the pond was done, looked like this...

then it matured alot...


then we had rain...

so then it was just a hole with rainwater in. lol

the pump broke on us so we had to take the water out bucket by bucket, hes our lawn after...

and this is the new preform...

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