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This saves so much time and unnecessary questions so it helps everyone here

The importance of QT when adding new fish to an existing tank, to avoid losses (and tears):

Tap Water Information
Tap Water pH 6
Tap Water Nitrate 0-10ppm
Tap Water General Hardness (GH) 0 to 70ppm
Tap Water Carbonate Hardness (KH) 0 to 70ppm

180 Litre Coldwater Tank -
Filtered with Eheim Ecco 200 filtration and internal Juwel filter as back up. Moonlights for evening viewing.

2 Juvenile Ryukin. 8 months old as at April 2012.

pH buffered to 7.6 and planted

120 Litre Tropical -
Was a mixed trop softwater set up. Unfortunately had to be fully stripped down (early Dec 2011).

Ongoing infection in stock following mass round worm infection from original cardinals (despite QT). Immune to all treatments Tank sat empty at present.
Quarantine/Emergency Tanks - 64 & 84 litres - Really Useful Storage Boxes
From Staples. The only boxes that FK has found that are fish safe plastic. Used for water changes too!

Sat dry when not required. Use a 100w heater and an old fluval 2 casing I keep spare just in case. I just pinch some media from the 180 litre when needed.

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