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Member since 10/3/2004 21:05
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Location Cheshire



Tap Water Information
Tap Water pH 6.5
Tap Water Nitrate 0-10ppm
Tap Water General Hardness (GH) 0 to 70ppm
Tap Water Carbonate Hardness (KH) 0 to 70ppm

Cool water Goldfish tank - Rena aqualife 450/5ft
I re-homed the common goldfish in 2004 because his owner couldn't accommodate him any more, he was about 5 year old at the time so is getting on a bit now I also re-homed the white comet in 2008, he was kept in a tiny plastic tank with two others which had sadly died he was a lovely orange but has like others over the years turned white

Tropical tank - 4 foot Rena
New additions, Rummynose and Cardinal Tetras.

Also has a breeding trio of Bristlenose plecs and their babies in
Tropical tank - 3 foot
Contains Bristle nose plec/Ancictrus temminckii babies

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Orange 16 spot- Lady bird
(25/4/2011 15:46:36)
Do you come here often
(11/4/2011 21:00:20)
Mikrogeophagus Ramirez, male and free swimming fry
(23/12/2010 23:21:43)
Sealife centre, Birmingham
(27/11/2006 1:02:35)
My first Siamese fighter
(12/11/2004 11:14:04)
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