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The Fishless Cycle

Tap Water Information
Tap Water pH 8
Tap Water Nitrate 31-40ppm
Tap Water General Hardness (GH) 210 to 320ppm
Tap Water Carbonate Hardness (KH) 140 to 210ppm

Tropical Planted - 220L
A fully planted Rena Panorama 220 tank with sand and laterite substrate and pressurized CO2. I've upgraded the lighting with a Hagen Glo 2x54W T5 unit taken from the closed marine tank and some moonlight LED's for evening viewing. Inhabitants include neon and serpae tetras, pearl gourami, amano shrimp, otos and zebra loaches.
Turtle Tank - Exoterra 90cm
Our two Razorback Musk Turtles are now fully grown. Sweet the female is a fat lump and it's a constant battle to avoid her overeating. Dude sadly lost an eye from an infection when young, luckily quick action and a skilled vet saved his life by removing the eye before infection could spread.
We have them in an Exoterra 90cm unit.

forum Gallery forum Gallery

Picture 036.jpg
(1/7/2008 21:27:14)
Picture 013.jpg
(1/7/2008 21:19:08)
Picture 011.jpg
(1/7/2008 21:13:49)
(1/7/2008 19:41:41)
(1/7/2008 19:41:27)
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(12/4/2011 15:56:01)
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Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

Amano Shrimp
(24/5/2010 9:57:54)
Amano Shrimp
(16/5/2010 15:40:54)
Sweet and Dude
(8/5/2010 17:44:43)
Plants tank 2010
(8/5/2010 17:40:33)
(22/4/2010 19:52:45)
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Fish Blogs Fish Blogs

Triops, part 4... I give up :-(
(11/11/2009 18:43:05)
Triops, part 3... they live!
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Triops, part 2... still no triops
(22/7/2009 18:50:41)
(29/6/2009 22:09:59)
The 100 tank... yeah right!
(13/9/2008 1:25:48)
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