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Member since 9/4/2012 11:07
Posts 28
Location South Yorkshire


Tap Water Information
Tap Water pH 7.5
Tap Water Nitrate 11-20ppm
Tap Water General Hardness (GH) -
Tap Water Carbonate Hardness (KH) -

Tank - 350 Corner Juwel [300 litres actual water]
Has been running since February 2012.
3 x female Bettas
10 x Glowlight tetras
4 x Five banded barbs
3 x Denison torpedo barbs
6 x Melon/panda barbs
3 x Zebra danios
3 x Rummy nose tetras.
4 x Odessa Barbs.
1 x Common Plec

The original internal filter has been removed and im running 2 external filters.
1 x Fluval 205 & 1 x Eheim ecco pro 300. Ive done a variation of a system from another persons idea on 'youtube' and created a cave system across the 2 rear backs of the tank using expanding foam & household plastic downpipe guttering covered in aquarium safe pond paint in 3 different bluey/green colours. The filter inlets and outlets are hidden in the caves, but are positioned to hide their pipes but not restrict flow.Ive spent dozens of hours on the project. The cave system has reduced the tanks water capacity drastically but the look is worth it and the fish love to swim amongst the caves and tunnels. Will upload photos once my plants have grown

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Please help my plants grow
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