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Tap Water Information
Tap Water pH 7
Tap Water Nitrate 0-10ppm
Tap Water General Hardness (GH) 0 to 70ppm
Tap Water Carbonate Hardness (KH) 0 to 70ppm

1) Hermione's Tank - 6ft - 125 Gallons
Hydor Prime 30 + Hydor ETH300 external heater, Eheim Professional II 2128 Thermofilter. 2 x 6ft LED T8 Tubes in home made overhead unit, plus blue LED night lights. Pool filter sand, large rocks and bogwood with various anubias and bolbitis tied on. Stock as of November 2014:

Albino Common Pleco (Pterygoplichthys pardalis) (Hermione - approx. 6 years old and 14")
7 x Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus)
8 x Buenos Aires Tetra (Hyphessobrycon anisitsi)
6 x 2 year old home bred female Blue Panda Apistos (Apistogramma panduro)
Mated pair of Rotkeil Severums (Heros Sp. Rotkeil), approx. 3 years old
1 x 3 year old Koi Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) - Mustardseed, bred myself and raised from an egg
1 x rehomed Empire Gudgeon, male, (Hypseleotris compressa)

Water is remineralised RO with pH 6.8, gH 5, temp 25C
2) Desk Tank - 40 litres
Superfish internal filter, 50W heater, low energy fluorescent lighting. Play sand, bogwood, pebbbles, Java Moss.

7 x Salt and Pepper Cory (Corydoras habrosus)
9 x Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)
Innumerable Red Cherry Shrimps (Neocaridina denticulata sinensis)

Water is remineralised RO with a pH of 7, gH of 5 and temperature is 25C.
3) Tiger Plecs - Fluval Roma 90
Eheim 2213 external filter, 100 watt heater, standard Roma 90 lighting. This tank is home to :

4 x L102 Tiger Pleco (Panaqolus sp. (L102))
4 x Rummy-nose Tetra (Hemmigrammus rhodostomus)
1 pair Dwarf Gourami (Trichogaster lalia)

Water is remineralised RO at pH 6.8, gH5 and temperature is 27C
Others - Others
36" x 12" x 15" Clearseal tank

Eheim 2215, 150W heater, Pool filter sand, ocean rock, escargot shells, 3ft LED T8 lighting:

5 x Synodontis lucipinnis
6 x Neolamprologus mutifasciatus)
2 x home bred Julidochromis transcriptus
3 x Blue platy & 4 x Bumblebee Platy(Xiphophorus maculatus)
5 x Black Barred Limia Limia (Limia nigrofasciatus)

Living Room Tank, 36" x 18" x 12"

Home made 3D rock and slate background, home made overhead slate planter/waterfall with Peace Lily, Prayer Plants, Dragon Tree, Ivy, Wandering Jew, Spider Plants and Crypts.

Home made rock and slate effect terrace, TetraPlant complete and black microgravel at back, playsand in foreground with large piece of slate, bog wood, Banana Lilies, Amazon Swords, Cabomba, Wisteria, Tiger Lotus, Amazon Frogbit, Java Moss, Baby Tears, Salvinia Mimima, Oak leaves.

Eheim 2324 Thermofilter, Tetratec APS 50 air pump with bubblewall, 90 cm overhead luminaire with 2 x 21 watt T5 fluorescent bulbs.

4 x Harlequin Rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha )
8 x Pygmy Cory (Corydoras pygmaeus)
1 x 5 year old Elegant Cory (Corydoras elegans)
12 x Pure Black Bar Endler (Poecilia wingei)
6 x female Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens)
1 x rehomed Bolivian Ram male (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus)


Plain glass tank - 32" x 12" x 16"

18 x 10 x 10 Clearseal tank

Clearseal Hexagon - 60 litre.

Juwel Rekord 600.

3 x Azoo Tulip
Small 15 litre tank with APS mini internal filter, mini heater and clip on light.

3 x 35 litre Hex
Aquael internal filter, 25 watt heater and clip on light.

Juwel Panorama Wide Hex 180 litre tank

80 litre Tropiquarium
I've removed the original filter box to give more water volume.

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