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Corner filter trapped puffer!!!
Posted on: 9/1/2017 9:43
9/1/2017 9:30
From: Kent
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Hi everyone, I'm pretty upset at the mo, treated my self two weeks ago to a aqua one aspire 55 tank and cabinet for my 2 lovely figure of 8 puffers.
Set up and the other transferred them out their old tank into the new one.. all is well, till this morning, came down to see one puffer missing, search around to find him trapped in the gap behind the corner filter!!!!
Managed to free him but he is in a bad way, must of been trapped for a while over night.. he is very pale and just keeps laying on bottom or floating on top, he can't swim that will either.. I'm hoping it's just shock
I'm absolutely gutted that this tank has a design fault and fish can swim up the gap between filter and the glass and become trapped.. specially puffers being as nosey as they are.. I hope this little guy pulls through I just don't know what to do other than not to poke around the tank to much and just leave him to hopefully come round. I sent aqua one and message, doubt they will be bothered to reply.

Re: Corner filter trapped puffer!!!
Posted on: 9/1/2017 19:09
17/10/2014 12:20
From: -
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Very sorry to read about this. I find these situations very upsetting too, and still berate myself over one of my tetras getting fatally trapped in a seemingly innocuous gap behind the filter in the filter bracket overnight during the summer (which had been perfectly fine for them in the preceeding 21 months). It's all the more upsetting when you've done your best for them by treating them to a new tank, only for an unforeseen circumstance to present itself, which makes it all the more harrowing. Many of us have probably had such an episode occur. I will keep my fingers/everything very, very tightly crossed for him that he pulls through from this.

If there are no signs of bodily damage (eg scales having turned black), then I think it's just a matter of waiting and hoping. If there are signs of bodily damage, then treating for a bacterial infection might be an option - but, equally, the medication might be too strong (so a small dose would be better than the full dose).

What I would strongly recommend, though, is buying some filter wool/floss and stuffing this in every conceivable gap around the filter/filter bracket/suction cups. This will hopefully prevent such an occurrence happening again.

Another couple of things work checking, perhaps, is that the top of the filter isn't an open-topped one - I've read of some fish falling into these (especially if the top is below the water surface) - and that the fish aren't likely to be sucked into the filter intake points (apparently the lower part of a pair of nylon tights can be used over the filter intake points to minimise this risk - and perhaps that could be done over the top if the filter is indeed open-topped and under the water surface).

Best of luck - I really hope this has a happy ending...

Re: Corner filter trapped puffer!!!
Posted on: 9/1/2017 19:15
9/1/2017 9:30
From: Kent
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Hi thanks for replying
Little update... the puffer seems to be picking up, he isn't pale any more and has his colour back, swimming a bit better although he still has to lay on the bottom and rest after a little swim, but I think I was lucky there not to lose him.
I went up to the LFS at lunch time and bought some cheap filter sponge and that's now stuffed in the back, blocking the gap and stopping either of them from swimming up the back and getting stuck again.. so fingers crossed!

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