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Koi ponds. Please read this first. #1
Koi carp: My opinion (Not a guide)

You see some fish like these:

Resized Image

Then you find out that they are called KOI CARP, and you think they would look nice in a pond you don?t yet have in your garden. Like most people, your first thoughts are, dig a hole put in a liner fill with water put in some big koi, all done? But as you are not quite sure you do some research. You then find out the following.

The pond
Most garden ponds are made from a liner in the ground and are only a few feet deep.
A koi pond has to be at least 5 feet deep. (To allow the koi to swim properly) Koi ponds start at around 6 x 6 x 5 feet.
The easiest way to do build this is to dig a hole that is 6 feet deep, lay a solid concrete foundation that is 1 foot thick and build a wall with concrete blocks on this 1 foot thick concrete base, then you can install a liner or as most do, render and fibreglass, as although it will cost more initially, it will last a lifetime.

The filtration
Koi are also called poo machines, you can guess why. But you shouldn't have a koi pond with no filtration. Often a koi pond will have filtration built as the pond is constructed.

Resized Image

1) Vortex chamber (Cone shaped so all incoming particles settle in the bottom)
2, 3 & 4 ) Filtration chambers of varying media.
5) Incoming pipe from pond bottom drain.
6) Return pipe to pond.
7) Valves to release water.
8) Pipes from individual chambers that go to waste. (These are to clean / remove filtered waste.

The main pond is connected to the filters by pipes and a bottom drain

Resized Image

Above is a picture of a bottom drain.

The pumps
To move all this water to the filters it is better to have a couple of smaller pumps than one big pump. The pump (s) need to be able to move the whole pond volume at least once every two hours.

The pipe work should be large in diameter to allow for a good water flow, often a mixture of solvent weld PVC and pressure pipes are used, as shown below.

Resized Image

This picture shows some pipe work and sand filters.

Not mentioned but worthy of note:
Some koi pond owners incorporate a heater to raise the water temperature in the winter months.
Along with most ponds, koi ponds also need a UV, the size of which depends on the pond volume. You can find out more about a UV on the page HERE
Sand filters are not a must, but are a good idea.

The final cost will depend on how big your pond is, your choice of construction materials and most importantly labour rate. Bear in mind, you should only build a koi pond once, and it will last a lifetime.
Its too hard to give specific ball park prices, as it depends on which supplier you use, and if its pressure pipe or solvent weld. (I can only suggest you try a search engine for costs of individual pipes and fittings)
It?s not unusual for koi ponds to cost ?6K+ (Six thousand pounds or more)
Koi carp them selves can cost several thousand pounds each for big fish, which is why most people buy small koi, and grow them on, but they will always build a dedicated pond to show them off in. Koi live for 20 ? 70 years, the odd one is said to have lived to be over 200 years old.

And Finally
As you should have now realised, koi are not a beginner?s fish, they need a lot of looking after, but if you have the money and time, they are well worth it. A koi pond is not just a pond, its an investment.

There is more to a pond, how it works, how to look after it. Please look out for other articles for your guidance.

Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #2
As a past keeper of Koi, I am in full agreement with 2010.
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #3
That's a fantastic post, can we have it as an article for future reference? Thanks very much for taking the time to do it, 2010
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #4
Well written 2010 I was lucky because when i moved in the pond in my garden was already built =)
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #5
I have been writing about koi and koi ponds for over 20 years. If it is of interest, the complete collection of all my articles that have been published in water gardening and koi magazines across the world are now available in one place - link removed unless Admin approves

Please take a look - and happy pond and koi keeping!
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #6
Hi benhelm - welcome to FK Thanks for wanting to share your info and articles but please could you contact Admin first before promoting your own site? Feel free to post on our forum and offer advice though, I'm sure you have lots of experience to share.
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #7
Many thanks 2010 & electrogear for those links to articles, very helpful indeed. Its great to be able to get such quality feedback. I've learnt a great deal.

My pond is only 1m deep, so as the article says a minimum of 5' deep I'm short by a largish margin (2/5ths in fact, around 3000 litres!) From the very helpful advice I've received on this forum I do not think I should submit any new koi to my care as I cannot make the pond deeper and cannot guarantee their welfare. It's the least such fish deserve. I stand more educated about this hobby and for the time being will stick to goldfish and frogs!

Thanks to all
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Re: Koi ponds. Please read this first. #8
Cheers for that, opened my eyes into the extent of keeping an running of a decent Koi pond.