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Lighting and colours #1
Lighting and Colours (My opinion)


There are available a variety of garden lighting options such as candles, oil lights, lanterns, but this is about electric lighting for the pond and garden.

Many years ago you could only have mains operated garden lights such as shown below

Resized Image

These had to be installed by an electrician; they still do because they are mains operated (230v ac). But things have changed considerably over the years. You can now get a variety of lights which are a safe 12v which do not require an electrician to install them*

Resized Image

This is a ?typical? garden light that has a 12v lamp, (7 Watts) this one is designed to illuminate the surrounding area, and many like it come as a ?kit? where by you choose the actual light fittings you like, be they just decorative or functional, then you connect it to the expandable system.
Choose it yourself ?kits? have the advantage that you can choose what you want, how many lights (within reason) and, you don?t have to make a set of lights fit your requirements.

Pond / Fountain lights

Regretfully it?s not quite the same for pond and fountain lighting. Over the years I have tried various brands of ?pond lights? and I have come to the conclusion the more it costs the better the quality of the light fitting.

Resized Image

This is a ?high end? pond /garden light, being as it?s a pond (and garden) light it is water proof, which means unlike most garden lights this one can quite happily sit in the bottom of a pond, water-feature or fountain. It has a lamp, which is 20 Watts

Resized Image

This is a typical use of another garden light.

Resized Image

This is another high end pond light, these ones can have a lamp that is 35, 50 or 75 watts (Now that?s bright)


Colours can bring a different aspect to your garden or pond / water feature / fountain

Resized Image
Here is a water feature with plants and a white light

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

Red and yellow do not highlight the plants too well, but are great for the water. Blue and green are best for both

Not Mentioned: But worthy of note:

* Since 2005 part P has come into being. In short part P says only a part P registered person can install a new circuit in special location. A garden is classified as a special location.

What you actually do is up to you, but plugging in a transformer that supplies garden lights is not really a job for an electrician is it.

Some lights come with coloured filters, others its optional, but you can also buy ?lighting gel sheets? that give light colour. Don?t try and use coloured sweet wrappers, they burn with the heat of the light.

Also available are bright coloured LED's but that is for another time.

Why not install some lights in your pond or garden?

There is more to a pond, how it works, how to look after it. Please look out for other articles for your guidance