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new fish and george

new fish and georgePopular
Submitterlyn44More Photos from lyn44   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update30/8/2005 17:22
Hits1248  Comments0    
settled in knows when its teatime.

New tank 6x2x2

New tank 6x2x2Popular
Submitternitrox1971More Photos from nitrox1971   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update30/8/2005 12:51
Hits1333  Comments3    

My boxer shrimp

My boxer shrimpPopular
SubmitterOllieJayMore Photos from OllieJay   Category3. Marine    Last Update29/8/2005 21:23
Hits2268  Comments4    

just thought id post a pic of my fav shrimp in my marine tank...my boxer shrimp. He seems to have so much caracter but trys to bully his way but all in all he looks fantastic and does no harm to anything  



My new Fishie

My new FishiePopular
SubmitterworwoodMore Photos from worwood   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update27/8/2005 10:54
Hits1419  Comments3    
My parents came to visit me a couple of days ago, and came with tank in tow...:)

The result was a trip to my local pet store and this little fishie  

He's such a confident fish, within two minutes of being introduced to the tank he was tearing the plants apart!

After just one day realised this simple equation:

me in font of tank + lid opened = food!

He will be introduced to a bigger tank, along with my fish that is back at my parent's house, in a few months.


SubmitterEuryaleMore Photos from Euryale   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update21/8/2005 23:18
Hits2248  Comments5    
My gentle giant....


SubmitterEuryaleMore Photos from Euryale   Category2. Tropical    Last Update21/8/2005 23:16
Hits1636  Comments7    
My new Siamese Fighting Fish

Mountain Shrimp

Mountain ShrimpPopular
SubmitterEuryaleMore Photos from Euryale   Category2. Tropical    Last Update21/8/2005 23:02
Hits1230  Comments2    
These little critters may not be the most colourfull of creatures but they are fasinating to watch


SubmitterCichlidaeMore Photos from Cichlidae   Category2. Tropical    Last Update21/8/2005 20:19
Hits1122  Comments0    
Yes i know it's not interesting but i need to host it somewhere;)

Blue Lobster

Blue LobsterPopular
SubmitterharroMore Photos from harro   Category2. Tropical    Last Update16/8/2005 23:19
Hits1877  Comments11    

And another view of the new hood..

And another view of the new hood..Popular
SubmitterthedarkangelMore Photos from thedarkangel   Category2. Tropical    Last Update14/8/2005 18:57
Hits1499  Comments0    

Photo No. 4701-4710 (out of 5196 photos hit)« 1 ... 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 (471) 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 ... 520 »

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