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Spot the plec

Spot the plecPopular
SubmitterdashyMore Photos from dashy   Category2. Tropical    Last Update14/10/2005 21:47
Hits1575  Comments11    

My fishy family!

My fishy family!Popular
SubmitterDannyZMore Photos from DannyZ   Category2. Tropical    Last Update11/10/2005 19:19
Hits1725  Comments3    
Wow! It is far more difficult to get a decent pic of my tank than I ever thought! So, first of all my apologies for the poor quality of this pic. I'm sure I'll get better with a little experimentation!

The tank pictured is a hexagonal 55L jobbie, currently in a Tropical setup. It was first started in April 2005 so should be just about "cycled" by now LOL! Not had any major problems although I did have to battle one Nitrite spike and one bout of whitespot. Lost 8 Neon Tetras to whitespot but everyone else survived!

Allow me to introduce my family (well, the ones you can actually see in the pic):

5x Rummy nose tetras (imaginatively called Number 1, 2 ... 5   )

Paco the Pleco    He's sitting upside down on the bogwood ... He's got a mate Paki but she's hiding behind the rock. They're both Clown Plecs and very shy!

Hoover and Dyson the two Golden Apple Snails - Hoover's the big one, Dyson the little chap. I have no idea what sex they are but I suppose I'll find out sooner or later if they "like" each other ... I've named them after vacuum cleaners because that's all they seem to do ... hoover around the tank!

You can just about make out two of the "many" Cherry shrimps. One is at the back of the tank on the heater and the other at the top of the big rock.

My two cheeky AOP Zebra Danios (Nemo 1 and Nemo 2 - had them 2.5 years this week) were shooting across the top of the tank at the time this pic was taken and are a bit camera shy.

Plant wise it's a bit of a mix - they're all Tropica plants the names of which I've forgotten (got the little pot lables somewhere ...) The moss ball is a recent acquisition and a favourite of the shrimps!

I'm sure I'll post more interesting pics once I get the hang of taking them ...

All the best,


My Tank In its finished home.

My Tank In its finished home.Popular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Category2. Tropical    Last Update7/10/2005 12:38
Hits1568  Comments8    
here is a pic of my tank where it is now since i have redecorated my bedroom. Its build into the wardrobe,

who are we ????

who are we ????Popular
SubmittermbunaMore Photos from mbuna   Category2. Tropical    Last Update4/10/2005 16:19
Hits1634  Comments10    
heres two more as i can't seem to find out what they are, i know the cat is a synodontis but thats all i know about him, and the one above, i aint got a clue

I'm a lamprologus Werneri

I'm a lamprologus WerneriPopular
SubmittermbunaMore Photos from mbuna   Category2. Tropical    Last Update3/10/2005 11:37
Hits2136  Comments15    

who am i ??????

who am i ??????Popular
SubmittermbunaMore Photos from mbuna   Category2. Tropical    Last Update3/10/2005 11:16
Hits1607  Comments6    
heres another as i cant find what itis


SubmitterGrundyMore Photos from Grundy   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update29/9/2005 21:52
Hits1200  Comments2    

Baby Danios

Baby DaniosPopular
SubmitterBondrumooMore Photos from Bondrumoo   Category2. Tropical    Last Update28/9/2005 13:09
Hits1722  Comments3    
Just a few of my baby Danios (about 2.5 months old now)

Half have already been donated to the local hospital tanks!

Phillip and Finny

Phillip and FinnyPopular
SubmitterBondrumooMore Photos from Bondrumoo   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update28/9/2005 13:07
Hits1305  Comments3    
They are such posers!

(When I got Finny in May he was a 1/3 of the size of Phillip!)

Lippy the comet

Lippy the cometPopular
SubmitterBondrumooMore Photos from Bondrumoo   Category1. Coldwater    Last Update28/9/2005 13:01
Hits1232  Comments5    
No prizes for guessing where the name came from.  Probably my prettiest fish, and she knows it!  She has a bit of a thing for Phillip.

Photo No. 4671-4680 (out of 5226 photos hit)« 1 ... 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 (468) 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 ... 523 »

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