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African Dwarf Frog

Alternative Name(s): Congo frog , ADF(abrev)
Scientific Name(s): Hymenochirus boetgeri
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Apple Snail

Alternative Name(s): Golden / Mystery / Ivory Snail
Scientific Name(s): Ampullaraiidae (most common Pomacea Bridgesii)
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Assassin Snail

Alternative Name(s): Bumble Bee Snail
Scientific Name(s): Clea helena, Anentome helena
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Alternative Name(s): Mexican Walking Fish
Scientific Name(s): Ambystoma mexicanum
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Electric Blue Crayfish

Alternative Name(s): Electric Blue Lobster, Electric Blue Yabbie
Scientific Name(s): Procambarus alleni.
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Red Cherry Shrimp

Alternative Name(s): Cherry Shrimp, Cherry Red Shrimp, R.C.S
Scientific Name(s): Neocaridina denticulata sinensis Red
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Yamato Shrimp

Alternative Name(s): Amano, Japonica or Algae Shrimp
Scientific Name(s): Caridina multidentata (was Cardina japonica)
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